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Planning uploads[edit source]

MediaWiki configuration may restrict your ability to upload files:

  • by file size (defaults to 2Mb)
  • by file type (defaults to popular image formats: [ 'png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'webp', ])

A warning about current settings are shown in Special:Upload – a standard MediaWiki interface for files uploading.

File uploading. Restrictions.png

Both values can be adjusted to your particular wiki by administrators or developers in config files.

Authorship[edit source]

Uploaded files may have copyright implications and require an appropriate attribution. Each file has its own page that can be edited like any regular wiki page, so say your kudos to the file authors / creators there. The list of licenses can be adjusted to your needs on Mediawiki:Licenses by users belonging to the interface administrators group.

Standard workflow[edit source]

The standard MediaWiki file uploading is done via Special:Upload. Its interface allows:

  • to select a file in your computer filesystem: Source filename
  • to adjust the file name: Destination filename
  • to input the text that will be preloaded to the file page: Summary
  • to choose the license, if necessary: Licensing
  • to force uploading even if duplicates are found: Ignore any warning [1]

File uploading. Special page.png

File page[edit source]

Once you click the Upload file button, a page with the preloaded text and the image preview will be created. The page also contains:

  • a link for re-uploading the file,
  • a table with the history of file versions,
  • a list of pages that reference this file,
  • an expandable section with the file metadata

File uploading. File page.png

Custom uploads[edit source]

There are extensions that can modify upload process to match different use cases:

Hints[edit source]

  1. The uploaded file can be inserted into content pages using VisualEditor or wiki markup
  2. All uploaded files can be seen in Special:ListFiles
  3. All file pages have File: prefix, or we are used to say "belong to the File namespace".
  4. Use semantically rich names for your files rather than technical names.
Election worker Hazel Rountree explains how to place a ballot in the optical scanner.jpg

References[edit source]

  1. MediaWiki checks the availability of file duplicates or files with the same - or very similar - name, and issues a warning. It is not an error, it is to help keeping your database clean.