Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace
Genres adult contemporary music
Instruments voice

Amanda Grace
Background information
OriginSt. Paul, Minnesota, United States
GenresAdult contemporary, soul, acoustic rock, Christian, children's music
Years active2010 (2010)–Present (Present)

Amanda Grace is a singer-songwriter born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Grace writes, releases and performs acoustic rock, soul, children's music and Christian music. Her career originally began with children's music. Grace has released three albums, three singles, and is also a part of a women's contemporary folk band called Wildflower.

Background[edit | edit source]

As a child, Grace dreamed of being a singer and received encouragement from her mother. When she was young she would play music with her sister and play music for churches. Her childhood instrument was the piano, on which she wrote many of her first songs. Grace began writing at the age of six.

She graduated from Bemidji High School. In 1998, she moved to Winona to attend the Winona State University. Grace received a degree from Winona State University in communications with a minor in music. In 2014, Grace released the Keeping Hearts EP which added six new acoustic rock songs to her collection of released music.

In 2015 Grace's single "Los Angeles" was in the Top Five of the's "Emerging Artists" category. The single which was released in November of that year was also reviewed by NeuFutur Magazine. It was produced by Scotty Lund and featured rapper Trayvon Ellis, professionally known as Prime Blaq.

Grace does not claim a particular genre of music, although she credits Mariah Carey and The Cranberries as inspirations. In September 2014 she was scheduled to appear at the Mid West Music Festival. In 2015, she appeared on the first day of Wisconsin music and art festival Ashley for the Arts. On March 11, 2016, she performed at the Over the Back Fence show held at the St. Mane Theatre in downtown Lanesboro, Minnesota.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Title Release info Year Notes
"Los Angeles" 2015 No. 2 spot in the "emerging artists" category
"Better Life" 2016
Albums and EPs
Title Release info Year Description Notes
Rayne Angel Any Kind Of Music 2018 Album
Trains, Cars & a Trip to Mars Any Kind Of Music 2010 Album Children's album dedicated to her nephew Bryce Breuer
Embrace Any Kind Of Music 2012 Album
Better Life Any Kind Of Music 2017 EP
Keeping Hearts Any Kind Of Music 2014 EP

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